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Before 1995, Mack Weston would pick up small side jobs for friends doing the majority of their work in his garage. At the time he was working
for another company, but he soon decided that was just not enough; In
1995 Mack quit his job to make his dream of owning a body shop a
reality! In 1995 Weston Services consisted of one building and a sign
shop. 20 years later Mack, Jeremy (GM of accessories), and Oscar (GM of body shop) built the company from the little one building shop, to
a full Truck Accessories operation, Weston services then became a
full Paint and Body shop, a Sign shop with state of the art technology
as well as a One-Stop Shop where we are proud retailers of Ranch
Hand, YETI, Coasta, and Maui Jim dealers. In 2015 we hit our biggest
milestone yet, we became a Line-X franchise. LINE-X is the industry
leader in truck bed protection, with a life-time warranty deal. From the
small one building shop in 1995 to the large operation in 2015 Weston
Services can now do it all! 




1.   Oldest body shop in Floresville
2.   We are a LINE-X franchise
3.   20 years of consistant service
4.   Yeti, Maui Jim, and Coasta Dealers
5.   You won’t need to go to 3 different places to repair your vehicle, we do it all here!
6.   Locally owned and operated since 1995
7.   Never a disappointed customer!!



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